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February 14, 2004

Indians don't trust their lovers 

MUMBAI: It was not just religious hardliners keeping a watch on couples celebrating Valentine's Day across India on Saturday. A number of Indians were frantically calling private detectives to check on their beloveds.
Detective agencies in Mumbai said they were doing brisk business with those who suspected their significant others of enjoying the day with "someone else".
"We've received half a dozen calls from men as well as women suspecting their partners on Valentine's Day . My men are on this job," V B Pai, operational head of a leading detective firm, the Globe Detective Agency.
"The caller feels his partner is two-timing," Pai said. "The calls can be from either party."
Pai said the company had received calls from people worried their partners were cheating on previous Valentine's Days but this was the first year it had received so many requests for its services. bbc

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