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February 08, 2004

Breakfast at Lucky’s 

I called a lady with a baby pregnant…not meaning anything bad, I just am not around babies or pregnant ladies much so they are the same thing to me. She was not impressed.

I heard a story about a 16 yr old sister that had been with 36 partners, four other people at the table heard the same thing, however that was not what was said at all. It was about the 16 yr old sister dating a 30’s something guy…. Bunny ears and stuff involved…

I termed the phrase Postmortem Depression; unfortunately I was trying to talk about what some mothers go through after giving birth… I am really not good with new mothers.

I also informed everyone that I was the most virgin of everyone there. That silenced the table. When the not pregnant lady said “you really know how to stop conversation” Cuzi say’s “no everyone is just counting”.

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