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February 20, 2004

America is an amnesiac, waking up from
unconsciousness. Whose lands are these
we’re living on, where did all this money in
our wallets come from—and why are people
trying to kill us? Can we work out our true
identity before the end of the movie?
What is the meaning of this image burned into
our brains, the twin towers that fall over and
over? Oppressed by their ominous absence, we
can only conceive of the world in dualities:
terrorism or militarism, danger or safety, peace
or war. Our own lives, our own questions,
whatever those might be, are unimaginable.
Who built those towers, who trained
the ones who brought them down?
Who stands to gain from our .xation
on them? What would it mean to reject
the terms they offer us, to refuse our
role in the story entirely and make for
the horizon?

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