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February 28, 2004

Has Osama been caught? 

TEHRAN: Iran's state radio, quoting an unnamed source, on Saturday said that Osama bin Laden was captured in Pakistan "a long time ago". Times Of India
Why does February have only 28 days?

When introduced, January was given 29 days and put at the beginning of the calendar year. February was given 23 days and put at the end. Then, for an undetermined period shortly after Rome's founding, months were said to have begun when a new moon was first sighted. At some later time, month lengths were separated from lunations and again became fixed. At that time, February's original length was extended by five days to give it a total of 28.

Shannon wins.... awesome photo, I think we should investigate as to who REALLY took it though.

You would never guess a nice, fresh innocent face like this would have such an interesting childhood.

"it was strange to hear stories of his cellmates, the amphetamine cooks who'd discovered he had a degree in chemistry, and so tried to bribe him with cigarettes into dehydrogynating their stash." selfdeconstructingtext

You're Roots!

by Alex Haley

While almost everyone agrees that you're brilliant, no one knows quite how to categorize you. Some say that you're a person with an amazing family tree. Some say that you're just a darn good storyteller. Others say that you're both and don't much care where to draw the line. What is known is that your people have been through a great number of trials and that you are where you are because of hard work. You have nothing to lose but your chains.
Take the Book Quiz

February 27, 2004

March 8th is the bye bye date, tickets have been purchased. I will be back in the big D for the weekend of the 6th & 7th. One last party must be had, so tell your friends, do your home work ahead of time and prepare for the day I am no longer in your lives.
Do not spread your fear in the name of righteousness, for I am vigilance and I will expose you.
It came out today that my aura is passionately acccepting and violently graceful

February 26, 2004

Signs 2 

"I've put up most of my signs . . . I was surprised I had so many. I was like, "OH my gosh, I do have a hobby! I take pictures of signs!" I never noticed before. It was just what I did naturally." 10x10

Ok it's on now... we where going to have to break dance fight, but now we will have a sign shoot off. Don't think I will not be snapping many sign photo's in the coming days. Your going down, evil rival sign poster!

February 25, 2004

Flaming Dr.Pepper night! 

Scientists, Florist, Editor and me.... Its all about the flames tonight.
I received a job offer from two editor chicks. They want me to be their body guard, with one stipulation.. I wear a golden bikini. You see they are sci-fi editors, so obviously they have a bunch of freaks that stock them and need to be put in their place.

I am going for my full body wax tomorrow.

So I went new jean shopping, which is a huge stress and trauma for me The Danster took me to Urban Outfitters and picked out some coolish jeans for me. I decided they where too blue and too dirty for me, but they worked. I bought two pair!

unfortunately no one told me not to wash them on hot cold... so I have to take them back tomorrow, cause they are too small now. I hate shopping.

$10.99 to whoever gets my phone from the Rudds and brings it to me before 6pm today 

I'm freaking serious people.

February 24, 2004

NEW DELHI: A timely tip-off by Indian intelligence agency RAW helped foil a third assassination plot against Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf.

Surprise Surprise the Indians take credit.... Love Pakistan Crush India
Take Action on your issue!
REVEREND DOOMSDAY The Left Behind series and Bush From mel-x

February 23, 2004

Land Of The Free? 

Big Brother comes to Arab world
The Arabic version of the Big Brother reality television programme has started, with a prize of $100,000 for the winner.
In the first programme only one of the female contestants was wearing the traditional black robe or abaya.
The house has been modified to reflect Arabic customs. For the first time since the show's inception there are segregated sleeping quarters for men and women. There is also a prayer room.
There is a separate women's lounge with a mixed-sex communal area as well.

Sounds like a party to me! "One Two Three Go Sex Yaar"

February 22, 2004

On 23 February 1944 the Soviet leader, Josef Stalin, deported the entire Chechen people, and their Ingush neighbours, from the Caucasus to Central Asia.
Remembering Stalin's deportations
"Somewhere, the wagons stopped and the soldiers came round and asked Are there any dead in there? We said no, but they came in and checked. I remember very clearly how one sick woman in our wagon was asking for water. She was saying, "Water, water, water," and her son ran to get her some.
"Just as he came back to the wagon, a soldier shot him dead. He fell to the ground, and the water container lay there beside him. He was just left there."

Signs page..  

My personal collection of signs... now available for the world to enjoy and add to if you like.

Yes I stole the idea from 10x10 and yes I stole 3 photos from her also,
The next 007 will be a British citizen of Indian origins, mark my words....
MI5 expands to meet terror threat
The home security service MI5 is to expand by 50% in response to the terror threat to the UK.
The increase will bring MI5 back up to World War II staffing levels.
Turns out I am a Sex God
Good Heavens! For Outstanding Bedroom Performance, you have been nominated Vulcan, the God of Fire. Master of fiery passion, you're every woman's dream lover.
Hark - the oracle speaks! A bolt of lightning falls from the sky! SHAZAAM! As the smoke clears, the hidden deity in you emerges and is revealed to be:

VULCAN, God of Fire.
In a world full of philanderers, you are a cherished god. Though you might not be incredibly suave, your irresistible good nature makes you every woman's sweetheart. While all the other guys are stuck in their adolescent ways, you've got a maturity that all women ultimately desire. You present the perfect package to the ladies, with your combination of ingenuity and charm. They call it "marriage material." But let's not forget your erotic side. Between the sheets, you are unmatched. Your passion is like a volcano waiting to erupt. In your hands, a woman is simply a pleasure machine and you are the mechanic. Be careful not to make her overheat when you begin to work your magic! One night with you, and they'll know why you're called a true sex god.

LONDON: Osama bin Laden is “boxed in” and “trapped like a rat” in a desolate patch of tribal Pakistan 16 km wide and almost as long, a London tabloid has quoted American and British intelligence to say.

Oh and by the way....NADER's in.
"You are just a love starved on the couch sleeping limbo vagabond bear"
I definitely couldn't survive the insanity within my own head if I saw it in front of me.
Stuff Works Again

New Garbage Disposal is installed, the dishwasher works, the drain drains and the kitchen is clean! All signs point to a better week...

February 21, 2004

Killer flu: Could the world cope?
It is only a matter of time before a major outbreak of potentially deadly flu, according to scientists. Could the world cope?
There have been three flu pandemics during the past 100 years.
The 1918 Spanish flu is estimated to have killed up to 50m people worldwide.
The Asian flu of 1957 was caught much earlier but still claimed one million lives. The Hong Kong flu of 1968 was responsible for a similar number of deaths.
It has been 36 years since the last major outbreak and scientists, health professionals and some governments are getting twitchy.
'Inevitable outbreak'

What about West Nile... I look at this and wonder why no one talks about it

Get your own.
Caring about the rest of the world

As a child I travelled a lot, but mostly between US and Japan. I dealt with a lot of bicultural issues, but the rest of the world seemed far away. In the 90's I started going to Europe and Asia more, but it was always to "civilized" places. ... more from Joi Ito

Mardi Gras 

Couldn't make it this year? Well watch it LIVE..... who knows you may see someone you know
Sick and Sound

No wonder I have been all crazy drowsy..... the Robitussin I have been drinking like water expired 5/2003 My head ache must be a continual hang over from drinking the alcohol called Robitussin.

By the way if you don't own this DVD Buy it now!

February 20, 2004

America is an amnesiac, waking up from
unconsciousness. Whose lands are these
we’re living on, where did all this money in
our wallets come from—and why are people
trying to kill us? Can we work out our true
identity before the end of the movie?
What is the meaning of this image burned into
our brains, the twin towers that fall over and
over? Oppressed by their ominous absence, we
can only conceive of the world in dualities:
terrorism or militarism, danger or safety, peace
or war. Our own lives, our own questions,
whatever those might be, are unimaginable.
Who built those towers, who trained
the ones who brought them down?
Who stands to gain from our .xation
on them? What would it mean to reject
the terms they offer us, to refuse our
role in the story entirely and make for
the horizon?
Today sucked

Head ache all day, confused and fed up all day, tired and cranky all day. So I bought double stuffed Oreo's and Milwaukee's best....

February 19, 2004

Dejected by the awareness of being alone 

Loneliness is one of the “restore points” of life… at least for me. When I became aware that I was alone, really and ultimately alone regardless of all family, friends or belief systems my life changed.

To me recognizing loneliness and experiencing the cycle of feelings it brought in the context of my personality and my purpose in life was an awakening. I was enlightened, it was profound. It was like waking up in shock and sorrow, but having the security of rock bottom.

I think, when you realize you are alone and insignificant, you start to embrace humanity and life on a different level. For me the enlightenment I speak of is probably best explained as intimacy. Loneliness taught me the value of intimacy at the same time it defined it. I did not know intimacy prior to being aware of the value of profound loneliness.

What I have written sounds like it’s something I experienced and is all over now, but No, luckily for me it is not. This dynamic called loneliness is a primary ingredient in the recipe of human life. For some reason that makes me feel safe.


“I think that part of being human is being alone. And being lonely. I think one of the stresses on a lot of our friendships is that we require the people we love to take away that loneliness. And they really can't. And so, when we still feel lonely, even in the company of people we love, we become angry with them because they don't do what we think they're supposed to. Which is really something that they can't do for us.” Rich Mullins

My new blog client 

Testing 1 2 3 if you see this it means w.bloggar kicks ass

I think that part of being human is being alone. And being lonely. 

More good stuff from Daniel and Rich

Too much fun 

Don't worry if you weren't born with psychic powers. With our step-by-step guide to dream interpretation you'll soon be a master dreamweaver.

This is way fun. Do you remember your dreams? My favorite interpretation topic is of course sex, but there are plenty of other great definitions also. Make sure you search key words or themes from your dreams.

poo poo & lists 

I have slept 15 hours today… I feel like poo poo. I have a cough that will not stop and it makes my head hurt and my back hurt and my throat is soar blah blah blah.

I need a hair cut and to loose 50 pounds. I will get back on the road around Sunday or Monday.

I have slept on the couch in numerous countries for 3 months now. I have been without a car of my own for almost 5 months; I have been without a motorcycle for 4 years. I haven’t been diving for 3 years, and haven’t carried a gun in 4 months, and I have not worked the same job longer then 6 months consecutively in the same place for 9years.

I attended 12 schools in the first 12 years of my education, I have attended 7 universities (in 3 states and 2 countries), I have been licensed to drive in 5 states and 4 countries, I speak 1 language almost fluently and pretend to speak 1.5 other languages, I have worked for 11 employers, I have resigned 3 times.

I have never had a speeding ticket, I have never been in a car wreck (in America), I have been shot at a couple times, I have been in terrorist attacks, I saw my first five deaths when I was in 4th grade (4 guys electrocuted, 1 kid smashed to death by a van at high speed).

Ok enough lists for now.

Mercenary Missions  

We at Mercenary Missions believe that the one essential flaw with humanity is the need to hurt each other in the name of God.

Our mission is to marginalize and terminate all religious organizations that claim they have the only answer.

We think we could be wrong, but we have decided to do what make sense to us and live our life in the endless pursuit of destroying organized religion.

Please join us in our endeavor to rid the world of organizations claiming to speak for God.

We are proudly supported by the French government.

Iran's bloggers fear clampdown 

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Take one exasperated Iranian woman. Add a computer. Hook it up to the Internet.

"And you have a voice in a country where it's very hard to be heard," said Lady Sun, the online identity of one of the first Iranian women to start a blog -- a freeform mix of news items, commentaries and whatever else comes to mind.

Tonga court jester 'to pay $1m' 

Tonga's former court jester has agreed to pay $1m to settle a legal dispute with the Pacific state, lawyers for the ex-jester have told AFP news agency.
Court jesters are a very rare breed these days.

An Indian taxi driver is planning to drive to Pakistan in reverse  

to help establish peace between the nuclear rivals. BBC

Open letter to taxi driver Harpreet Devi from un-named Pakistani taxi driver


Tanks to you soo much for desiring to helping our cuntries bring pece to world. Nucklear bombbs are very dangeros and we the driver of the taxi (not the rickshaw) must drive in a backwards formation until we have brought pieces to the kashmire.

When you reverse drive formation to Pakistani boarder I will meet you and sing “welcome, welcome, welcome, we welcome to you”

Much love to you in reverse,

Magide Ali Butt

PS please bring me some Bolly Wood filems, they are very first class, number one

February 18, 2004

School limits loo visits 

Daily Times Lahore Pakistan

Parents of pupils at a US school are angry at a new rule, which gives students bathroom credits. Youngsters at the Lawrence Middle School, in New Jersey, are allowed just 15 toilet breaks during class time each month.

“It’s insane. I just think the administration does not know how to handle children,” said parent Lisa Everson, 40. One pupil said he was eating and drinking less at lunch times to prevent using up the rest of his credits - he has only four to last for the rest of the month. —Ananova

Chicks Rock.... 

The world's most downloaded woman, model Sarah Jane of Australia, puts her body on the line for a new campaign for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

February 17, 2004

Google expands its search empire 

bbc The net's biggest search engine Google has just got that little bit bigger.
The California-based company says it has expanded its web index to include more than six billion items.

Four billion of these are web pages, while Google has also put more effort into the size of its picture database.

I had a bit of a run in with Google's picture database the other day.

February 16, 2004

You have heard of the Islamic Bomb...Now meet the Islamic Beer! 

Nectar of the Gods... Murree Beer

What would we do if religion didn't involve a holy book of justification to quote from? 

Bible-bashing nudists

Tampa, Florida: The first nudist resort created primarily for Christians in the United States is due to open in Florida and its cofounder claims that he can provide passages in the Bible where nudity is prominently mentioned.

"Depending on the version of the Bible you use, there are as many as 40 passages that refer to nudity," said Bill Martin, co-founder of Natura, which will be the first Christianity-themed nudist colony in the country when it opens in a Tampa suburb in April.

Thanks to withadot for the link to my new found vacation spot

Monkeys in the forest 

February 15, 2004

Soviets' lost boys in Afghanistan 

Army veterans in the countries that made up the Soviet Union marked the 15th anniversary on Sunday of the withdrawal of the last of their troops from Afghanistan.
But, as Russian television has reported from Kunduz, actually some Soviet soldiers remained there. bbc

Hard heads a key to survival 

Clubbing heads may have been part of mating rituals.
CNN Get it through your once-thick skull. Scientists say the bulky craniums of the human ancestor, homo erectus, may have helped the species survive some aggressive mating rituals.

February 14, 2004

Indians don't trust their lovers 

MUMBAI: It was not just religious hardliners keeping a watch on couples celebrating Valentine's Day across India on Saturday. A number of Indians were frantically calling private detectives to check on their beloveds.
Detective agencies in Mumbai said they were doing brisk business with those who suspected their significant others of enjoying the day with "someone else".
"We've received half a dozen calls from men as well as women suspecting their partners on Valentine's Day . My men are on this job," V B Pai, operational head of a leading detective firm, the Globe Detective Agency.
"The caller feels his partner is two-timing," Pai said. "The calls can be from either party."
Pai said the company had received calls from people worried their partners were cheating on previous Valentine's Days but this was the first year it had received so many requests for its services. bbc

I am the milkman of human kindness 

If you're lonely, I will call -
If you're poorly, I will send poetry

I love you
I am the milkman of human kindness
I will leave an extra pint

If you're sleeping, I will wait
If your bed is wet, I will dry your tears

I love you
I am the milkman of human kindness
I will leave an extra pint

Hold my hand for me I'm waking up
Hold my hand for me I'm waking up
Hold my hand for me I'm making up
Won't you hold my hand - I'm making up

If you are falling, I'll put out my hands
If you feel bitter, I will understand

I love you
I am the milkman of human kindness
I will leave an extra pint

Billy Bragg

February 13, 2004

Before & After 

Free mp3 downloads

February 12, 2004

Skate or die dude.. 

SO a skate boarding catholic monk priest is going to get me serious about being catholic?

Brother Pio Maria, a Franciscan friar, shows off his skateboarding prowess at Aquinas High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin, during an event designed to get Catholic students excited about their religion cnn

Nuns among six passengers kept off American flight 

What is the deal with religion and American Airlines?

Quotes from a recent e-mail from my British Lesbian lover. 

“…in my postgrad immaturity I am blaming God too. I proudly suspect that the whole of religion is a lie and I am the only one at [location deleted] who can see this with clarity.”

“…a sheep stared at me in a very intense fashion for ages and I was left with an unnerving certainty that this sheep was infact omniscient and was percieving my flippant tendancies to photograph lambs and then roast them.”

[With regard to a very serious issue] “I tried to be a demanding customer today but I rather think I failed - there is something about being British that makes the most awesome journey of frustration and pain come out as 'oh, well, mustn't grumble!'

Apparently Cricket will not save the world…. damn 

For leading Indian sports writer, Rohit Brijnath, who begins here a series of columns for BBC News Online, distrust between India and Pakistan is too deep to be bridged by Test matches. bbc

Suicide bombing 'pig fat threat' 

Israeli police are to hang bags of pig lard on buses and in other public places to deter would-be Muslim suicide bombers, Israeli media have reported.

So the PIGS will SAVE the JEWS!

Sony CyberShot DSC-T1 

"The DSC-T1 is the first 'credit card style' digital cameras from Sony"

So here is the deal. I bought this camera and it rocks! But CompUSA didn’t have any slim carrying cases for it or any case that looked cool enough... so me being as ingenious as I am, I strolled over into the PDA section.

I found the perfect case for this camera. The case is made for the Sony Clie. It’s a clip on case for your waist line, but it’s slim and padded. The case number model is PEGA-CA23. The only thing that would make it better is Velcro... but the snap works fine and does not endanger the camera's screen. (place screen towards you). The case was $29.

My issues as we know them thus far: 

1. Lower back strain
2. Mixed adjustment disorder with major depressive disorder
3. Bilateral nonspecific conjunctivitis with exophoria and eye pain
4. Homonyms
5. In 5th grade I was diagnosed as borderline dyslexic but back in my day no one gave a rat's ass or knew what that meant, so basically I am just a lazy dumb guy.
6. Diarrhea is a way of life for me much of the time….. However Wendy’s seems to help

I also have self diagnosed post traumatic stress syndrome, but I am sure that will dry up and go away when someone offers me enough money to go back into some traumatic stressful situation... or I could get married (ha-ha)

I hope everyone takes my lead and come clean with all there issues so we can all avoid eye contact next time we meet


I ate at wendy's three times in three days. Always ate the same thing, always in my car.

Excerpts from Gore’s speech of September 29, 1992:  

Bush = Bush Senior and Iraq/Saddam = first war.

President Bush, in his handling of our policy toward Iraq [has shown] poor judgment, moral blindness and bungling policies led directly to a war that should never have taken place. U.S. taxpayers are now stuck with paying the bill for $1.9 billion President Bush gave to Saddam Hussein even though top administration officials were repeatedly told Saddam was using our dollars to buy weapons technology. Bush, of course, believes that the war with Iraq was his finest hour as the organizer and leader of a vast coalition of armed forces, united for the purpose of frustrating the designs of an evil dictator.

But the war with Iraq had deep roots, and if George Bush's prosecution of the war is part of his record, so too is his involvement in the diplomacy which led to it, both in the Reagan/Bush era, and far more so, during his presidency when he accelerated foreign aid and the sale of weapons technology to Iraq -- right up until the invasion of Kuwait -- in spite of repeated warnings that anyone with common sense would have had no difficulty understanding.

These words can be used for father and son alike: George Bush wants the American people to see him as the hero who put out a raging fire. But new evidence now shows that he is the one who set the fire. He not only struck the match, he poured gasoline on the flames. So give him credit for calling in the fire department, but understand who started the blaze.
Gore Speech Reveals Saddam was a Bush Sr. Made Man

Pakistan to share nuke evidence 

Pakistan presents evidence to the US and Japan that it sold nuke secrets to N. Korea. US and Japan "Analyze" the evidence and decide that N. Korea has the capability to have Nukes... so we MUST go in and topple the N. Korean government.

Here's the thing, we already know N. Korea has nuke technology, in fact we are scared they are sharing it with people like Pakistan and Iraq.... why are we pretending we don’t?

If a president of America wanted to have a war, N. Korea would be much more justified (as justification for wars go) then Iraq. But Iraq was an easier case to build for war, because Americans already "Knew" the evil that was "SADAM HUISAAIN”, besides I guess it was more personal than anything else this time.

So what I am saying here is this. Why are we pretending like the father of the Islamic bomb is going to present condemning evidence about N. Korea..... we already have it.

So we will continue to find these ways to slowly through other nations bring out the scary truth that is N. Korea and some day maybe the UN or someone will take a stand and shut them down.

I personally think that it should be the job of China to do this. We tell china if it wants to retain favorite nation trading status and wants to continue with its poor human rights record (its not like someone is going to really stop them anyway) it has to topple the N. Korean government in two weeks, with only covert forces and then has to allow the UN to set up a new government

Men's Journal magazine's 25 toughest guys in America 

Hillary Clinton weighs in at No. 25, just behind human crash test dummy Rusty Haight, who has been in 740 car wrecks.

The man keeping me down 

This is wrong is every way....

But used together, researchers say the new tests could give a complete picture of a person's drinking habits, showing when someone had last been drinking and whether they are heavy or light drinkers. bbc

anonymous blog...  

Be like everyone and be anonymous

February 11, 2004

Germany refusing to re-open case of a British student who died "in a state of terror". 

BBC "As a consequence of his own behaviour and with no-one else involved, he threw himself in front of a car, of several cars, and died on the third attempt," says the Wiesbaden Prosecutor, Dr Dieter Arlet.

Despite the British coroner dismissing the notion of a suicide verdict as "totally impossible and incorrect", the authorities in Wiesbaden have not re-opened the case.

Spread the word, Friday 5pm-7pm 

Lincoln Park
7700 W. Northwest Hwy.
Dallas, TX 75225
Across from Northpark Center

Watch them 

Watch the video update on Pakistan's Nuclear issues "The Wrath Of Khan" and the update on Bush and WMD issues "Meet The Prez".
Watch them all here

Clones will heal you. 

Withadot.. you better get you act in gear and cure cancer already.

My favorite new digital camera 

This thing is pretty dang cool

Congratulations to the pregnant lady! 

Dn MX are going to have a GIRL!


Some of my favorite nudes.. and no you wont get busted for looking at work.

I call this one "I see straight through you girl"

I call this one "reflections of god in art"

Note: these are my titles and not the original titles of the great artists and photographers.

Musharraf misses his paan 

Poor poor dictator, I mean president.. no more paan. Seriously though, I like the guy, he has done a lot for his country, but I can tell you that he is a man of, shall we say great mojo, and I am sure that his mojo has been quite stifled due to the attempts on his life.... I guess all the wives of other politicians and generals will be missing him dreadfully by now.

BBC There was a time when Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf enjoyed a more relaxed, tense-free life, a time when he could hop over for a coffee to Islamabad's Marriott Hotel or for a barbecue dinner with family and close friends at the Pearl Continental or simply picking up a paan , a blend of mints and spices inside a beetel leaf, from a roadside stall.

Today a highly sanitized Musharraf laments that his personal and social life has gone for a six in the wake of the two attempts made on his life

The Indian times and there babes.... 

If you didn't know it, the Times of India has a 2004 Babes desk calendar. The problem is THEIR are all white! What is the deal with that? Of all the hot Bollywood actresses they could pin up, they are dumb enough to have white models... I just don't get it.

Silver screen babes sizzle in saris "oh yes baby show me your sari sizzle" (voice over Indian accent)

It's to low key for the US but... 

It wont be long till someone whoops up on Belgrade about this.

"We must say at this time co-operation is frozen. Belgrade is now a safe haven for fugitives"

Diver flees with shark attached 

An Australian man attacked by a shark swam and drove for help with the creature still clinging to his leg.

"An ideal form of government is democracy tempered with assassination." Voltaire 

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." H. L. Mencken

"The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop." P. J. O'Rourke

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” Tacitus

“Democracy used to be a good thing, but now it has gotten into the wrong hands.” Former Senator Jesse Helms

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” -Albert Einstein

Pain reminds me that life is still here 

I realize I have linked to this blog more then a healthy person should link to anything... but I read it at night, as I lay on my bed (couch) and surf the days blog updates with my bed laptop. I am addicted to the rawness of life.

Immigrants and big, poor families--they might not have much, but they sure as fuck know how to stick together.
But in the end, to live a perfect life is to stop being human. The ironic beauty of humanity is its almost masochistic drive to be connected to itself in ways deeper than a casual drink, a political conversation, a hilarious joke. It's desire to be one with itself, the storm cloud desperately wanting to spin down a huge tornado, chaos be damned.

Daniels Journey

February 10, 2004


So a missing Russian presidential candidate returns... after he disappeared a few days ago. The police filed a report and launched an investigation for about.. Oh 60 seconds then came out and said there was actually no reason to do so. Then the government came out and said... "Hey that guy we kidnapped and are presently threatening, yea he is safe don't worry!"

So guess what? A Russian presidential candidate, who went missing for five days, has arrived back in Moscow from Ukraine, saying he might drop out of the race.

Yea BABY! 



"I had a dream the other night that I was to be the mother of the new prophet. " 

Holy Day 

Today is a special day.... I washed my jeans Its is a sad day because I think they will never be washed again. I fear that if I risk it and wash them even once more, they will be lost. This is an unacceptable outcome.

February 09, 2004

The line that stayed with me 

"One always loves more [than the other], and the one who does is vulnerable." Nowhere in Africa
This is one of the best movies I have seen. I watched it months ago with my lover and we both enjoyed it immensely and were stirred and troubled by it. The line quoted above is one that I can not get out of my mind. It is always true, it is always hurtful and there is no way around it.... I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess its all about timing.

I'm alone. My Life chap 1 draft excerpt 

Life is fragile, and precious, at the same time the people who make it that are the assholes that expose us to the loneliness and loss... we all have our stories, we are all still writing them, and here is a pretty serious one:
via Daniel
"I used to have a life. I used to have someone who loved me, but somewhere along the line she decided she didn't love me anymore. Only problem was I had given up my whole life to be with her. I had given her my whole life. My life revolved around her. But she decided she didn't need me anymore and now here I am. Sitting in my shit hole apartment talking to you. Typing to you, that nonexistent imaginary person out there somewhere who for some reason is still reading this shit.

I guess I will tell you stories."

This could be easily adapted to Muslims or Arabs, how sad. 


What do you have in common with me? 

Wall? Fence? What exactly is this structure?  

via BBC "The Thing", as one commentator has drolly called it, is in fact part-wall, part-fence. Most of its 700-kilometre (440-mile) length is made up of a concrete base with a five-metre-high wire-and-mesh superstructure. Rolls of razor wire and a four-metre-deep ditch are placed on one side. In addition, the structure is fitted with electronic sensors and has an earth-covered "trace road" beside it where footprints of anyone crossing can be seen.

Parts of the structure consist of an eight-metre-high solid concrete wall, complete with massive watchtowers. The solid section around the Palestinian town of Qalqilya is conceived as a "sniper wall" to prevent gun attacks against Israeli motorists on the nearby Trans-Israel Highway.

Contractors broke ground on the project in June 2002 between Qalqilya and Jenin. It is still under construction but Israeli officials have announced that there could be some changes to the route.

What is the UN's position on the fence?
In late September, the UN issued a report which condemned the barrier as illegal and tantamount to "an unlawful act of annexation".

Israel has dismissed the UN report as "one-sided, highly politicised and biased".

With court proceedings in The Hague looming, 44 countries have filed opinions on the barrier.

Israel, the US, the European Union and others argue that the international court is not the proper forum to discuss the issue.


"I think you're some kind of deviated prevert. I think General Ripper found out about your preversions and that you were organizing some kind of mutiny of preverts. Now move.

We need to think. 

I stole all of this from TheyBlinked. I re-published most of it here because I believe these concepts are the key that will bring us one step closer to embracing what it is to be a created humanity.

I look forward to reading much more from theyblinked especially on the topic of relationships, and marriage. The plethora of literature that is out there on these subjects falls far short of the mark that defines what is healthy for human consumption.

My immediate interest is directed toward the presumptions that are bought to the legal contract we call marriage. When two people set out to bind themselves in a mutually committed relationship under the auspices of a state sanctioned legal contract it is much like a merger: The state no longer sees just two people. The two people are now one legal entity. What each person does impacts the other because their actions are now done under the name of the marriage. All ownership is mutual. All indebtedness is mutual. What is interesting is that this oneness in marriage does not extend to matters of criminal law. Should one party commit murder the other is not prosecuted with them. So there is a distinction between the actions of the two in matters of the law.

What if every person was always already responsible for their own financial and legal decisions? Even under our current matrimonial legal framework this would simplify things. Couples would choose what to do mutually rather than being forced to do everything together. Large assets or debts could be chosen together as are other major responsibilities such as offspring, but the day-to-day decisions regarding purchases and debts would have no overlapping legal status.

What if this extended even to morality? What if the state got out of the marrying business altogether? Why is the state involved in legislating moral structures anyway? Basic frameworks of agreement regarding relational justice, appropriate age of consent, etc. would be federal matters, but all details regarding the ordering of the family would be left to the most local levels--our circles of friends, our churches, our mosques, our extended families, our townships, our temples, our synagogues and the like.

Why is it appropriate for a federal government to advocate for an overly particular matrimonial morality in their canons of law when it is not appropriate for the same government to advocate for particular religious views from which such morality inevitably springs? What is potentially at stake in such a question is "Natural Law." If one believes in Natural Law than one believes that there is a way to legislate morality without direct reference to authoritative canons of tradition--that somehow there is an objectivity that boils over from the various, isolated human subjectivities across all peoples that makes up this thing called Natural Law. This view seems less and less plausible as the curtain of objectivity has been pulled back and the seemingly endless double-helix of reality ascends and descends in all directions in an unmanageable spiraling complexity. Natural Law is now little more than a fascinating, calcified ideological museum piece used as visual aid in explaining the world of the founding generation and much of their modern peer group across the West. Outside of a Natural Law stance there is no adequate affirmative response to the question posed above in the context of an open democratic society.

If the state simply stopped certifying marriage unions; stopped recognizing them for matters of tracking, taxation and the like the issue of two people of any gender marrying or some future cry of injustice over multiple bisexual or mixed group marriage would evaporate. Marriage would remain of course, as it always has, in the local decisions of real people in real communities living out the relational expectations of their communities. The institution would be as it was from the beginning: A mutually navigated, locally sanctioned decision for a life together.


So, given that all of this rambling began as a quasi-response to what I have taken to be less than adequate responses to this post, how would one respond in a way that would spark my interest rather than elicit the barbaric yawn?

One would begin by differentiating between the generalized structures of coexistence that those of us who privilege a certain egalitarian, democratic society fight to keep open and the local narrative communities within which we each come to know of our own existence and that of the various others that do not share in our particular, idiosyncratic tutelage of the world. If this distinction, even momentarily, is not possible for you than perhaps we ought to put another pot of tea on the stove and settle in for a quiet evening of thoughtful conversation and storytelling.

Should said distinction not be anathema to one's totalitarian ideological instincts one could then begin to ask the questions of appropriate moral boundaries, communal ethical borders and nature/nurture identity (pre)dispositions within the shared narratives and master words of a given community. This then takes one out of the reified realm of world-implied pronouncements and into the land of local, enacted interpretation. This is the clearing in which the questions of chosen communication patterns (ways of trust/truth), power relationships (politics), financial and sexual mores (ethics) are meaningfully engaged. Beginning here one could begin along many streams of questioning that would be both fascinating and satisfying given enough mutual commitment to patient time together, careful listening and honest, well-formed speech.

It is in this space that bringing up such things as the Mosaic or Levitical challenges to homosexual practice or that of The Letter to the Romans would be at home and posed in a manner other than mere polemic. This space would also be sufficient to begin to draw out the many threads of difference between textual pronouncement, ancient experience on record and the nuanced situations we now find ourselves in.

The invitation to the ongoing process of interpretation must be engaged if we are to be a people with a measure of historical vision and yet have our decisions in this moment be invested with a certain hope for what has not yet come. In this moment of interpretation we would do well to, "read as wounded and as haunted" as Brueggemann would say.

We are always already within the text; the textures of a certain interpretive matrix casting before our eyes, giving view of, a certain state of things whose unyielding demand is to be engaged. This demand that can not be not met is navigated at the cadence of our choosing. Finding our way through our affiliations and co-creations in this life with a certain humility, a simple expectancy, a hope for the yet unknown provides the benefit of both carrying our various traditions with a sense of continuity and loving our neighbor--that other encountered along the side of the road--as ourselves.

Whether the controversy of the moment is sexual ethics, (civic or communal as shown in the Massachusetts ruling and the recent Anglican Bishop appointment) religious tolerance or cultural difference (both seen so acutely in the various subtexts of the "War on Terror") how we cast the story around the conflict, how we go about speaking with the combatants begins in the manner in which we think about the world and in the end is the deciding factor with regard to whether or not we in fact have loved our enemies, our neighbors and the stranger at our door.

February 08, 2004

Blair announces 'British FBI' 

British citizens prepare for total confusion...

Tony Blair is to announce the merger of several organisations into a new organised crime agency. These include the National Crime Squad, the National Criminal Intelligence Service, and the investigative branches of Customs and the Immigration Service.

Pilot reportedly promoted Christianity on flight 

I am a believer in dialog but holy crapola this is weird....

(CNN) -- American Airlines is investigating reports that a pilot asked passengers to identify themselves as Christians so non-Christians on board could talk to them about their faith, a spokesman has said.

withadot for further information regarding being an arrogant and ignorant religious fuckhead

I was the most virgin of everyone there.. 

That’s what I said. It’s true, I have only been with one woman, and that whole other thing… but that doesn’t count.

I have no idea what an STD is. I mean I have heard a lot about them and whatever, but I have never had to worry about that craziness… I think that is weird. Sometimes I look around and think are STD’s something the normal people have to deal with? Or are they just some story that was told to scare me? My childhood friends inform me that they are real, and apparently they have had to deal with them.

I think maybe I am a virgin still… Maybe that is why I am no good with newly babied woman.

Breakfast at Lucky’s 

I called a lady with a baby pregnant…not meaning anything bad, I just am not around babies or pregnant ladies much so they are the same thing to me. She was not impressed.

I heard a story about a 16 yr old sister that had been with 36 partners, four other people at the table heard the same thing, however that was not what was said at all. It was about the 16 yr old sister dating a 30’s something guy…. Bunny ears and stuff involved…

I termed the phrase Postmortem Depression; unfortunately I was trying to talk about what some mothers go through after giving birth… I am really not good with new mothers.

I also informed everyone that I was the most virgin of everyone there. That silenced the table. When the not pregnant lady said “you really know how to stop conversation” Cuzi say’s “no everyone is just counting”.

Howard Dean 

I am not saying I would vote for him, but I think that the media screwed Dean over..... to bad really. I would have liked to see the blogger, grass roots dude win. I guess its al up to me now.

Travis Henderson, the first write in president!

February 07, 2004

Are you an arrogant and ignorant religious fuckhead?  

-when you meet someone new who does not subscribe to your belief system, you want to convert them. Fuck off! Don't impose your twisted self-degrading perspective on someone else. Be genuine and get to know the person for who they are, not so that you can convert them into you

-the thing that you are most proud of is that you know 'the truth'. And you want to make sure that your family and friends will be in heaven with you. Often the most important things in life are rarely discussed in a group, never understood with certainty, and communicated through history.


War policies that makes good sense 

If a war is to be fought a draft should be mandatory. The first round of targeted draftees should be people who have been retired for more then eight years, the second round should be people retired more then five years and so on.

We can keep our regular trained army if we want, but 50% of those who go into actual combat should be the draftees. This would do many things for us as a country and would eventually lead to a totally reformed way of thinking about conflicts and war.

First of this would mean that the old white men in congress and perhaps even the president and his advisors would think before allowing diplomatic means to fail. Most people probably would not want to send there grandparents off to war. Secondly this policy would help our social security system rejuvenate itself. Thirdly, lets face it folks, the X generation really needs it grandparents to fight its wars for it.

This plan would also insure that our younger more promising people would both A. be able to focus on their education during the war and B. realize they should learn how to resolve problems diplomatically so their grandkids don’t send them off to war when they retire.

This plan is stroke of genius and should be implemented ASAP

A pregnant lady had a birthday today. 

There was much eating of dead cow, drinking of alcohol and speaking with SMU grads. I thought SMU was just a place rich girls whose daddys paid their way went to have lesbian experiences.. turns out there are boys who go also, boys who's daddies pay there way to have drinking experiences

All in all, it was fun, black and white M&Ms made it better. My stomach was larger then the pregnant ladies and I have photos to prove it.

Leah and Jabba came up and I wished I was Jabba.

A red head beat up a six year old and told us a story about a three testicled man she once dated....

Thats all.

How Peshawar feels 

Pakistanis react to nuclear scandal

"Dr Qadeer Khan is not guilty. How can one dig his own grave? He is the maker of the Islamic bomb.... He has not sold anything. The allegations against him are outrageous.

"The military is also involved. It is understood and a matter of common sense. No need to ask me or anyone else. Why are you asking this question?"

Iftikhar Khan, Peshawar

"I don't know... but Allah has said that helping other Muslims is not a sin. You can see that all the infidels are united, but Muslims are not. Dr Khan was helping Muslims from other countries. He has not done anything wrong."

Mohammad Kamran, Peshawar

Two-headed baby dies after surgery 

I dont know why I kept up with this, but I have and now its over.

February 06, 2004

Two-headed baby has surgery 

This is happening now... you should look at this BBC

China nappy business tries to trademark Bush 

Since when do the chinese care about trade or copy rights?

"Back in my hometown in Henan Province, the pronunciation of 'Bushi' sounds exactly like 'not wet'," said the man, surnamed Guo, according to local media..... BBC

Saddam Hussein Converts to Christianity 

If it was only Osama, I would sleep so much better at night.....
Via PostPost

Saddam Hussein Converts to Christianity in Custody
Southern Baptists call for immediate release of former dictator

TIKRIT, IRAQ – In another shocking development in the unfolding story of Saddam Hussein's capture, sources in Iraq have informed The Holy Observer that the former Iraqi dictator converted to Christianity shortly after being taken into custody.


Having a sturdy muscular physique; robust.

When I use the word strapping especially for a female, I envision, an attractive, sexy “hard body”…. Not muscular or robust. I am a little disappointed in the dictionary definition of this word

Sex has no intrinsic Meaning. Almost everyone wishes it did.  

In reality, sex is almost always an experience of oscillation: of partners being alone and then finding each other, again and again. Can we tolerate being parallel and then coming together, then splitting up again moments later, trusting that we'll find our way back toward each other?

Progressive people should be vigorously developing a dialogue that addresses sexuality's ecstatic nature through a non-moralistic, non-dogmatic exploration. We should be helping people understand sexuality in its mysterious yet non-mystical, meaningful (emergent) yet not Meaningful (objective), sacred yet non-Religious grandeur.

February 05, 2004

...wrecks art exhibit, part 5:  

so can art really save the world?
We are all, no matter our paradigms regarding its creation and distribution, cultural consumers. People may point out that there are more noble causes in the world beyond art, for example the poor, widowed and orphaned, and I would never argue that point. But what kind of world will they inherit if it is devoid of authentic, sacred culture?

I am surrounded by Buffy lovers. 

I just don’t get it. The Buffy craze astonishes me. I am amazed at the intelligent people I know who are just crazy over the show. I have always thought vampire movies and shows where dumb…. And Buffy is, as a wise man said tonight, just so Scooby Doo.

February 04, 2004

Test your hidden Bias? 

You can test your hidden bias and hate for just about any group here.

Ever wonder where all the hate is? 


The Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project counted 708 active hate groups in the United States in 2002.

All hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.

This list was compiled using hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports.

February 03, 2004

What I taught a six year old girl this evening 

“Every time you see a limousine you are suppose to spit at it and yell down with the man”

Learn about sex from car manual 

Instead of tuning engines, changing oil or adjusting brakes, the latest title by Haynes, the world's leading car and motorcycle manual publisher, is devoted to sex - all models, shapes, sizes and colours.

obviously British men need some extra help when it comes to women... Poor inbreeds.

Your tax dollars at work 

This link is a very interesting read. It’s updated almost everyday and includes all Defense Contracts that have been funded and approved. If you’re really smart you can find patterns for what the priorities in defense spending have become.

Note: Just don’t add up the total budgeted amounts for any given month… it’s depressing.

Why are Finns so strange? 

Take a group of men from the northern Finnish town of Oulu - population 100,000 - dress them in dark suits with black ties made from the inner tubes of car tyres. Next, send them out on to the ice floes of the frozen Baltic and get them to shout - in choral unison - at a stranded 10,000-ton ice breaking vessel, and you have got something called Mieskuoro Huutajat.

Otherwise known as the shouting men of Finland, it is more than a bunch of Finns getting things off their chests by upping their decibels.
Read this

Shoot first ask questions later... 

PARIS, France -- French lawmakers are to debate whether a ban is needed on "conspicuous" religious symbols in public schools.

Huh, Hello, YOU ALREADY PASSED THE LAW BANING THEM. Ok I get it, pass the law THEN debate whether it’s needed. Who says France and America have nothing in common?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush said Monday he would appoint a presidential commission to review U.S. intelligence on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Go to war, AND THEN review if your reasons for going to war actually existed.

February 02, 2004

Don't Talk! Be alert. In days like these, the walls have ears. It is a small step from gossip to treason. 



Here are some of the best books I have read... and yes that includes the ones that have been read to me.....snobs.

When Jesus Became God: The Struggle to Define Christianity during the Last Days of Rome

Buddhism Without Beliefs: A Contemporary Guide to Awakening

Eat the Rich

The Ceo of the Sofa

Super Bowl brings out the Puritan fuck heads of America 

So let me get this straight a small single black tit, boob, breast that is bare for a split second is “Deplorable”. You know America has some serious issues.

When a WAR is advertised on TV as “Shock and Awe”… tune in with the family and watch us blow some brown people up…. But HOLY SHIT there is a single breast on TV for a split second… CALL IN THE CENSORS, the FCC and the President to demean woman and their Breasts.

DON’T YOU KNOW YOU’RE A WOMAN? KEEP YOUR SELF COVERED! (reminds me of a little group called the Taliban) I guess we know the FCC Chairman was not breast fed! Puritan ass wipes. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT PEOPLE. WAR is unacceptable… breast are acceptable.

I wonder if Attorney General John Ashcroft got in on this breast condemnation... remember the statue cover up?

Here is one for CBS Lingerie Bowl

February 01, 2004

Shame is a social construct. 

I think that shame is a social construct to keep people in there place, or in line. I think that only society can create shame. I don’t think that shame would be a natural occurring feeling or emotion was it not for social constructs.

In the parable where Adam and Eve realize there nakedness after eating form the metaphoric tree of the knowledge good and evil, I don’t think they felt shame. I think their is a more accurate word for that. When they hid from God, I don’t think shame was the reason they hid. I think they had the knowledge that they did something wrong (duh) but that is not shame. I think they even regretted it pretty quickly perhaps but that is not shame.

I have seen no definition of shame that tells me it is anything more than a social construct inflicted on people to keep them in line or make others feel more powerful. Shame is defiantly a huge tool of organized religion.

Guilt, Humility, Regret.. but shame?

Going to have to ask all of my theologian friends about this…

Forgot a few countries.. 

So I had t edit my world map to reflect the additional countries that where apparently not worth remembering off the top of my head.

28 Days Later 

I watched it last night with the sister and the sleeping bald guy on the couch. I admit I had pretty intense dreams of survival that night. The movie was good, disturbing however… to close to possible reality I guess. Or maybe I am just a paranoid boarder line psychotropic.

My American ness today  

Well, I didnt go to the Super Bowl party. I woosed out, I feel like crap still. Oh well I am a lesser person now I am sure.

I Have Visited 

36 Countries (16% of the world) Many of them frequently...

create your own visited country map

Super Bowl XXXVIII  

I am going to prove my American ness today and attend a super bowl "party" at this PhD guy's house. He is a nuclear physicist so it should be a hell of a party.
My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something's gotta change. And it's gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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Have a blessed Eid

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