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January 29, 2004

What our country needs in the next election: 

If you believe in the ideas and principles set fourth below, write the name TRAVIS HENDERSON on your ballet for President.

1. Someone who lives foreign policy and doesn’t have to make one up when he enters office.

2. A candidate who understands and embraces humanity not just a specific way of life.

3. A person who realizes that the budget is not a campaigning strategy…but something to be considered before making campaign promises.

4. Someone who will hold the UN to its charter not necessarily be the strong arm or the enforcer of UN mandates.

5. A person who will not take responsibility for the Israeli-Palestinian problem but who will make it known that it’s a world issue, and back the United Nations in the immediate disarming and regulating of each side until a properly representational government can be elected.

6. Someone who doesn’t play into the hands of those who would do our country harm.

7. Some one who has experienced more than two forms of Government, who realizes there is a world outside of our country that it is important enough to think about but not have to police.

8. A person who will not sacrifice freedoms in the name of security nor ignore the ever present threat of terrorism, and espionage.

9. Someone who believes the founding principles of our country and who fully realizes the role that the United States President now plays in the world.

10. A person who understands that it is time for the World Bank to oversee the food surplus of countries that produce too much food because of trade agreements, but at the same time cannot sell it to its own people who need it.

11. A person who will stop talking about technology and start even-handedly supporting the implementation of alternative energy sources, at the same time funding alternative economical strategies for phasing present energy sources out of our economy with little economic impact.

12. A person who will never use the term crusade for anything, and who does not look to appease or unevenly inflate any single religious lobby.

13. A person who has thrived in more then two cultures, and still understands and believes in the idea of America.

It is for these reasons I announce my candidacy for the Presidency. If you want peace, if you want security, if you want options, if you want to find understanding and logic within your government ranks, vote your conscience, vote for President Travis Henderson.

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